Wednesday, 4 February 2009

2.55: Secrets of a mith

Objects of desire, dream and luxury, the books say a style. especially to become myths, like the inescapable 2:55

It is impossible that never felt a cold front to defoliate in the first pages of fashion at the beginning of the season. Specially to reach the part of accessories, where we see a plethora of it in bags that make your eyes shine. Explain why, no one knows, but the fact is that the purses give us power and individuality. Some more than others, of course. between them, there is specially one that is a heart throb as much as the first female passion. It is 2.55 and it's Chanel.

Established in February 1955, which served as inspiration for its name, 2.55 was created by Coco Chanel and still being an icon of timeless style. Originally made in leather for day and silk for the evening, this accessory can be almost compared to a piece of art. It is needed almost 18 hours, from 6 to 15 persons and more than 180 operations to which this book can get to your central distribution and thus start a round the world, stopping in major capital and giving the opportunity to hundreds of women to engage a dream. Buy it or ... at least admire it.

Like the camellia, the No. 5, the arc of pearls and petite robe noire, 2.55 is also part of the icons of Maison Chanel. Designed to be both practical and aesthetic, the secret of this book lies mainly in two facts: that of having managed to overcome the barrier of time, becoming a classic, and its versatility that transforms into a perfect accessory to combine with some jeans with a tailleur or an evening gown. Today, along with the original model in black leather, thirty new versions are made for each station.

Created in 2006, the Chanel Mobile Art, designed by Karl Lagerled and designed by architect Zaha Hadid, was unavoidable in March this honor in the history of fashion, the ROJECT 2:55 for the future. Inspired by the forms of this suitcase, this flag, rather than an itinerant exhibition, proposes a trip sensasorial at 2:55 through the universe works of two dozen artists who had the sole use of the briefing items that form their identity. An exhibition which went through Hong Kong, Tokyo and New York and might visit in May in London. Undoubtedly a good suggestion for the unconditional or the fans who just want to dream.